Design + Built

Cool tropical atmosphere at Mason Pine Hotel, Kota Baru Parahyangan Bandung PT. Parama Dharma and PT. Damar Laras Cipta had the opportunity to work together to realize the design of the spa area at Mason Pine Hotel.Each of these hotel facilities has two different concepts including a gym area with a modern concept and a spa with a tropical modern concept. The gym area as a means of relaxation and maintaining body fitness. Spa is one way to relax the body, to relieve fatigue and stress after undergoing a busy life. The modern tropical concept plays a lot of high and wide glass openings serve as a view to the outdoors where guests can feel the panoramic beauty of the hotel.In the massage room there is a washbasin table with wicker accent with marble coated and drawer with rattan knit motif combined with ceiling into a single in light brown wrap. With a comfortable and modern spa area guests will feel relaxed and pampered.


PT Damar Laras Cipta