Design + Built

Al-Ikhlas Mosque in Bambu Ampus takes the classic concept of the Middle East magnificent. PT. Parama Dharma in collaboration with PT Istasadya Arsi also collaborated with PT.Damar Laras Cipta as part of his interior design team and the overall exterior was realized for a year and a half and completed in May 2021.Various beauties are contained in this worship building, one of which is the details in the exterior main entrance wall building that is coated with a laser-cutting grc profile. In addition, there are teak wood door leaves and sturdy windows also have Inlay glass details. In addition, lighting has an important role at night. On the profile side of the main door there are LED lights to create a light Ambiance, to impress the shape of the beauty of Al-Ikhlas Mosque so that it looks beautiful at night.


PT Damar Laras Cipta